The Smallest Things

The sun is shining, it’s a hot summers day and we have just celebrated my sons 3rd birthday. It’s funny the things that stay with you; I still find it strange celebrating his birthday in the summer when I had been expecting an October baby.

Arriving with little warning and no known reason our eldest son was born 10 weeks early – a whole season out!

An emotional, challenging, exhausting rollercoaster of a journey ensued and after 8 weeks in hospital we were able to bring our tiny baby home. On his naming day I quoted AA Milne, “Sometime the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts” – mine was full.


…. Until baby number two, he didn’t want to be left out!

Again with little warning or apparent reason he arrived suddenly at home (home birth not planned!) at 34 weeks. A two week stay in SCBU with a 34 weeker seemed like part of the course for seasoned prem parents like us!


This website shares my personal reflections as a mother of two boys born early. The account aims to –

> Raise awareness and understanding around premature birth
> Support the BLISS campaign to extend maternity leave and statory maternity pay for parents of premature babies
> Campaign for better follow-up care for parents
> Offer advice to family and friends – how can you support parents with premature babies



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